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The borzoi is a dog breed that originated in Russia and was mainly used for coursing hare, foxes and sometimes even wolves. It is a giant breed and males can reach up to 36 inches at the shoulder. The bitches are more refined and smaller. The borzoi is one of the beauties of the dog world and was very fashionably during the Art Deco period.

I bought my first Borzoi in 1983 and have owned Borzoi ever since. My favourite was undoubtedly Shamal Blue, a bitch that I bred myself. She was a grey Irish pattern brindle and from a mixture of Dutch lines (Ardagan) and local English lines.

In 2005, I imported two puppies from Hungary bred by Dr Agnes Koppany (Dober-Kopp Kennel) - one male and one female. They represent the best lines in Europe and include in their pedigrees famous dogs such as: Faulkner von ST Petersburg , Ghazi Arslan Z Neustejna, Javidov Az aftab Faizabad, Dober-kopp Remeny en Oriana Az aftab Faizabad ; (all world winners) and many other famous dogs such as: Andrey ad Zarenreich, Wassili von Troybhiko, Graf von ST Maritius and Voorenhof and Von Bergland blood . Through their Polish lines they go back to the famous Americans: Majenkir Gyrfalcon,Vigow of Romanoff II and III, and famous English dogs such as: Angelola of Enolan, Keepers Johnny Angel, Marcellus of Fortrouge and Winjones Dunyahka. These lines can be traced back to Asmodey Perchino from the Perchino Hunt in Russia .

The male puppy, Ivan (son of World Winner and International Champion, Dober-Kopp Remeny, Dober-Kopp Pato Pal), now belongs to Jaco Gouws but is still part of the family. The female puppy Vicky (daughter of the magnificent World Winner, European CH, International Champion: Oriana Az aftab Faizabad, Dober-Kopp Vicky) is presently the love of my family's life.

Vicky's brother and sister are already European junior champions and Ivan's littermates have already won many puppy and junior titles.

Puppy and stud enquiries welcome.
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