Balthi du Plessis has worked in the heritage field for 24 years and has extensive knowledge of the heritage industry in general and of exhibition design, conservation, project management and management in particular. He was employed in the heritage industry in various positions most notably research, conservation management, exhibition design, graphic design and management, marketing and public relations, project management, and museum management.

Balthi also lectures/lectured and act as external examiner for various institutions in South Africa in exhibitions design and conservation including the University of Pretoria , Technikon of South Africa, Technikon Pretoria, Open Window Art Academy, AAA School of Advertising and VEGA Art School . He presented papers on national level at numerous occasions on marketing, exhibitions, funds generation, collecting, conservation, etc. and published articles on similar subjects. He undertook study tours to Canada , USA , Mexico, UK, Denmark, Holland, France, Portugal, Monaco , Italy, China, Egypt, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique .

Borzoi Page Borzoi Page

Before starting his own very successful private company, "Balthi du Plessis & Associates" in 2001, he concluded his corporate career as director of the National Cultural History Museum of South Africa . This is the largest museum of its kind in South Africa and housing vast collections of nearly 3.5 million archaeological, anthropological and historical artefacts. He worked on some of the most prestigious projects in South Africa as creative director and project manager including the Mapungubwe exhibition at the University of Pretoria where the "golden rhinoceros" (the most valued cultural artefact in SA) is exhibited.

   His main attribute is his ability to bridge the gaps between design, conservational needs, education, consumer needs and proper management. He understands the unique needs of the African continent and its people and especially the huge role of oral history in African tradition and culture.

A passion for the Borzoi breed dogs has him involved in the Transvaal Borzoi club. He has imported a few dogs for breeding and show purposes.