" To attend a presentation by Balthi is more than only discussing designs and concepts, it is an education " Dr Bertie du Plessis, director Mindpilot and well known innovator, artist and business consultant.

" We did an excellent job. I learned a lot from you and Udo (Dr Udo Küsel)." Dr A.Numidsivhadi, the only Venda historian, after completion of the Dzata Museum of Venda history. (A project where I, myself learned a lot and made many friends in Venda )

  " I do not understand how you manage to deliver so much with such a limited budget" Herzola van Heerden, Curator: Klerksdorp Museum .

"I am satisfied beyond expectation" John Dewar, Johannesburg Inner-city Development, after completion of the replica sculpture of the Mapungubwe Rhinoceros.